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Outdoor Cats, Keeping Them Safe

There's much controversy surrounding the topic of indoor vs outdoor cats. Many people allow their cats to roam freely outdoors, sometimes all night, and think nothing of it. Others define their cats as "strictly outdoors" yet they claim to love them and even appear devastated when their feline friend suddenly disappears.

Why do so many pet owners still allow their beloved cats to explore the great outdoors without boundaries? After all, the statistics on survival rates for outdoor cats is alarming to say the least. Almost everyone agrees keeping a dog in a fully fenced yard is no-brainer, even apparently irresponsible dog owners are on board with this concept. But when it comes to cats, people seem utterly bewildered at the thought of keeping them indoors. People say it's cruel.
coyotes kill cats Domestic cats are easy prey for coyotes.
What's cruel? To not allow your cat the freedom to dart out in front of oncoming traffic, be killed by wildlife predators, or poisoned by that cranky cat-hating neighbor? The list of dangers associated with free-roaming cats is almost endless.

Something else many cat owners don't consider: Domestic cats pose their own threat to small native creatures, especially birds which isn't fair to wildlife. In fact many conservation groups such as The Audobon Society strongly urge people to keep their cats indoors to protect small species of wildlife.

The truth is; cats are domesticated by humans, they are not wild animals and can live perfectly healthy lives as strictly indoor pets.
And fortunately, societies' attitude toward animals is changing. More people value their furry companions as members of the family rather than just "pets."
Small Cat Enclosure Even small enclosures provide a pleasant outdoor experience for your cat.
In an effort to protect them, secure outdoor enclosures are becoming more and more common. I have spoken to several cat owners who try unsuccessfully to keep their cats confined to their own back yard when letting them outside but simply don't know what to do. When I mention the idea of an outdoor cat enclosure, not only have they never heard of such a thing but they are delighted to know there is a safe way to let their cat enjoy the outdoors.
Enclosures can be elaborate and expensive or small and simple for those on a budget. Even the smallest enclosure is a better alternative than the tragic death of your kitty who counts on you to protect him.

outdoor cat enclosure Cats are safe playing in their outdoor enclosure

There are also kits you can put together yourself. Purrfect Fence is quite popular with many cat owners. Cages By Design are pricey but offer a nice selection of heavy-duty enclosures.
Whatever option you choose, it is well worth it to keep your kitty safe and happy!

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