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Is dry food bad for your cat?

cat eating dry food Dry Kibble: Harmful To Your Cat's Health?
The debate over what to feed cats seems to be never-ending: Dry food or wet food? And with all the information available online about healthy cat food you'd think the mystery would be solved. The fact is, dry food is completely unnatural for cats and often contributes to a variety of health problems. For starters, cats need water in their food and only wet food offers this dietary need. You may witness your cat drinking from his water dish and think he is getting all the hydration he needs. But it's never a good thing to see your cat drinking lots of water, it only indicates dehydration. Cats cannot make up for the lack of moisture in their food by drinking water from a dish, even though it appears so. Cats are not water drinkers the way dogs are, their water comes from the prey they kill and eat, not from a bowl. Dry food is dehydrating because it contains about 10% less moisture than what cats need which is around 75-80%. To add to the problem; dry kibble is often high in grain content. More >>